August 07, 2011


Well, as I was going through some my iTunes on one of my computers this starting playing. Another song by the lovely Keyshia Cole. I actually remember this session....all I can say is it started with beat cds, and a bottle of Patron. While waiting for Diddy I believe to get to session, Keyshia asked if I had any beats, I believe she wanted to start working on a mixtape. Keyshia work ethic is impeccable. That girl like to write and sing, her tenacity for creating tunes I think even surpass most rappers. Keyshia definitely did her thing, not to mention drank me under a table with that Patron. Props to sis cause I woke up, and she was done.
Although this is a rough I like it a lot especially being it's over a Gangstarr classic. I am not sure who did the beat, this was awhile ago, blame it on the Patron. In The words of Lord Finesse, this is "Strictly for the ladies".
01 Because of You (Ruff) by thegcode sound

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